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Morale System


1. Out of Line (Formation): This formation is active when you are around 1 or no other players. No stamina regeneration, swaying is more intensive and takes longer to aim, 100% of ticket is lost when killed, and should be avoided at most times. To get a clean shot, wait up to 6 seconds to fire.


2. Skirmishing (Formation): This formation is active when you are around 2 to 4 or when crouching in a group. Slight stamina regeneration, swaying is better than OoL. Morale loss is reduced by 40% when killed and better to be in this formation than OoL. To get a clean shot, wait up to 5 seconds to fire.


3. In-formation (Formation): This formation is active when you are standing around 5+ players. Fastest stamina regeneration, swaying is the most manageable. Morale loss is reduced by 80% when killed and the best formation to be in whenever possible. To get a clean shot, wait up to 4 seconds to fire.


4. Flags must be in either skirmishing or in-formation to not get a desertion timer which is a minute long. When flags are in skirmishing, respawns come every 20 seconds, when they are in-formation, respawns come every 10 seconds. Giving the flag bearer time to run if the line is falling apart.


5. Officers must be in either skirmishing or in-formation to not get a desertion timer which is 20 seconds long. There is a safe zone around deployment for officers and flags to move about without getting the desertion timer but if they want to move to the front, they will need an escort of 2 or more players(including officer to get skirmishing)

Cover/Concealment 1. Vegetation or anything that includes hay stacks, hay piles, bushes, corn, wheat, and more has 100% penetration. Which means your bullets will always fly through these objects if you are shooting at it. 2. Wooden cover which includes anything made of wood (straight fences, snake fences, wooden houses, barns, trees, piled up branches, and more) has 70% penetration. Which means you have a 70% chance of having your bullet go through the material and hitting the soldiers behind. 3. Stone cover which includes anything made of stone (rocks, stone walls, stone houses, low-lying stone walls, and more) has 0% penetration. This means as long you are behind this cover you cannot get hit behind it. Unless of course they are aiming at your exposed parts.(edited)

Basic Gun Mechanics


1. Based on the formation you are in (out of line, skirmishing, in-formation), check in the morale system info above^^ to see when to take your shot at the best opportune moment.


2. Swaying is based on your formation you are in, will take longer to aim and will be harder to hold for extended periods of time in OoL. Swaying will become more manageable when you are skirmishing and even better in in-formation


3. For all available guns except for the sharps rifle/carbine, takes 21 seconds to reload standing, 22 seconds if crouched. Sharps Rifle/Carbine used by US Sharpshooters and both sides' cavalry take 9 seconds to reload standing, 10 seconds crouching.


4. All guns except for the Springfield m1842 and the Mississippi M1841 have rear sights which can be changed by pressing the button Z to different ranges.


5. The Springfield M1842 is the only gun that has two types of ammunition, round ball and buck and ball. Round ball is the starting round which is useful at longer ranges. Buck and Ball is a midrange shot gun with the round ball and pellets. To change to the buck and ball, be between reloads and press 2 to change ammunitions.


6. General place to aim is the chest to head but depending on the range of the target, adjust from there. Remember to lead a target if they are moving left or right.


7. You can fire and reload while in melee mode. 8. Cavalry/some CSA Legion units have a chance of spawning with a pistol/sword if they have the carbine as their starter weapon. To see if you have a pistol cycle through your weapons by pressing 1 or free looking to your sides to see if you have a pistol pouch.


8. Officers/Cavalry with pistols cannot reload once they fire all 6 of their shots, so use them wisely. Officers might have a chance to spawn with the LeMat pistol, which has 9 shots and a buck shot.

Basic Melee Mechanics


1. To fix and unfix bayonets, press B which takes about 6 seconds to complete. To go into melee, press V


2. Charging/sprinting in melee mode will reduce your stamina faster than running, so only do this right before you get in melee.


3. It takes 2 hits to kill someone with a bayonet, 3 hits with a gun butt or sword. For the best results, work with a teammate.


4. Bayonet stabs are slower than sword or gun butt swings but can reach farther.


5. Objects such as fences, walls, trees, rocks, and etc can block a melee attack, if you want to attack around it, aim your attack around it.


6. Currently there are no ways you can block an attack by yourself so the best way to do this is to dodge their attack by moving around or to the side.


7. Latency can get you killed farther than the actual range of the bayonet stab.

Basic Unit Information 1. Officers are capped at 1 per regiment, 2 per team. NCOs are capped 4 per regiment,


8 per team, Flags are same as officers, 1 per regiment, 2 per team. Privates are unlimited*.


1. There are specialty classes like cavalry and sharpshooting regiments that are limited to a portion of the team depending on the size of the team. Flags, NCOs, and Officers are same across the board but privates that limited for those specialty regiments. List of a few specialty regiments include the 1st/2nd USSS, any cavalry on both sides and the 42nd PA. CSA Sharpshooting regiments are considered line infantry so they are not limited.


2. For flag spawning, you will first spawn on your flag if its up, if your regiment's flag is down, you spawn on the other regiments flag and vice versa.


3. ATM you cannot choose your gun, its random but some regiments use 100% of certain guns.


4. Sergeant Major is the only NCO with a sword and you can switch between that and your musket by pressing 1.


5. If you do not spawn with a gun, press 1 for it to appear.


6. When playing officer, press Q to bring up the officer wheel which will allow you to put down lines and issue commands(edited)

Suppression 1. You will be suppressed if bullets are flying near you or you get hit in melee(stabbed by a bayonet once or hit by a sword or gun butt)

2. Once suppressed you lose all your stamina which means you cannot sprint, aim for long, and slower in melee.


3. To gain your stamina back, get in in-formation to have the fastest regeneration rate. 4. Being OoL will result in being suppressed the fastest, while skirmishing and in-formation takes the longest to become suppressed.

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