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1.0 - Company Requirements:
1.1 - Applicant must be ages 15+ (exceptions may apply on maturity).
1.2 - Applicant must own a legal copy of the game.
1.3 - Applicant must not be 'Double Regging'. An exception can be made if the events are on different days to ours, but first it must go through the chain of command to be verified and granted.
1.4 - Applicant must be able to attend 1 event/training per week (More detail in 3.0).
1.5 - Applicant must be able to communicate and understand English well.

2.0 - Officer Requirements:
2.1 - Must be ages 17+ to apply for officer.
2.2 - Applicant must be able to attend the majority of trainings and events per week.
2.3 - Applicant must be able to communicate and understand English well.
2.4 - Applicant must own a legal copy of the game.
2.5 - Applicant must not be 'Double Regging'.No Exception can be made.
2.6 - Officers and NCO's must have the regiment represented on steam.

3.0 - Attendance:
3.1 - If you are able to attend events 2-3 times a month you will be placed into the reserves.
3.2 - If you become inactive for over 2 months without notice you will be automatically removed from the unit.
3.3 - If you can attend please attend as the numbers will be greater.
3.4 - If you cannot attend notify a member or submit an LOA (Leave of absence) on the website.
3.5 - If you do not wish to be part of the unit you may apply for a discharge or a retirement request.


1.0 - Actions towards others:
1.1- Do not disrespect members in anyway.
1.2 - You must understand when you’ve crossed the line on a joke.
1.3 - Follow the chain of command. This means listen to higher ranking members than you.
1.4 - Treat others how you would like to be treated.

2.0 - Ingame:
2.1 - The tags ingame should be worn at all times ingame even out of event times.
2.2 - Don’t be harsh towards anyone ingame and give us a bad name be nice and friendly towards the community.
2.3 - If AFK go into spectator or step out of line and crouch.

3.0 - Events & Trainings:
3.1 - You are expected to turn up to at least 1 event and 1 training every 2 weeks unless you have a valid reason.
3.2 - Act mature and respect the PTS (Permission To Speak)  rule during event times and training and when ordered.
3.3 - Follow the orders given. That means no messing about unless told otherwise.

4.0 - General Rules:
4.1 - Don’t spam in chat whether that be Teamspeak,Discord or Ingame. You may spam in Off-Topic chats.
4.2 - Don’t jump around in chat rooms screaming. Common courtesy.
4.3 - If you can attend please attend.
4.4 - Stay out of global chat at all times.
4.5 - Respect the Open / Close office policy at all times.
4.6 - Do not ask or beg for promotions.
4.7 - Do not teamwound or retaliate after being teamwounded.

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