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The 1st Texas is a historically accurate regiment that is very simple and fun to be around, we fight and go by Hardee’s 62 tactics. We have a high average player base and conduct ourselves as so; Each Pvt. will have to read the drill manual and will have to go through drill school. If you fail to complete drill school you can try again as many times as it takes, we will help you every step of the way. In 1st Texas, we are respectful to everyone. This includes your comrades in the 1st, members of other regiments, public players, admins, officers, non-commissioned officers, and people on the forums. We also like to conduct ourselves in a professional and mature manner; This means that glitching, trolling, flaming, and name calling, or other forms of fighting are not allowed. Memes and playful banter are not included in this rule. We encourage /pol/ style freedom of discourse. (Only when not in an event.) This is especially important when we are in events or on a public server.
Lastly, everyone should follow orders. It is paramount for the survival of the regiment that all orders given by our Officers are followed to the letter and without question or argument. There is a time and place to discuss tactics and whether certain orders should be given or not. Directly after the order is given is not one of those times. Roleplaying during events is a big part of the 1st Texas. Unlike other regiments, we intend on using all historical commands, maneuvers, and discipline. For example, all enlisted men must call higher ranking members by their rank and speak to them with the level of respect appropriate to the situation. There will be “court martials” for any man who breaks roleplaying "during events" and for anyone who breaks any one of our other rules.
The reason for this is so we can properly reenact a real confederate regiment during the civil war as such the game will stay a lot more interesting for our player base. Each NCO will perform duties that a Confederate NCO would have; like maintaining a roster of all the enlisted men in their company. Camp life will be another asset to our Roleplaying. We will have a schedule that will include Drill (Training), prior to and after it our men will be in our camp socializing before the Sergeant Major tears them to pieces in Drill. This is so our members to get to know their brothers fighting with them on the battlefield and to make us look authentic.
Authenticity is PARAMOUNT to us. If you are looking for a serious, disciplined and competitive regiment then enlist with 1st Texas!
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