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January 5, 1864

Lieut. Col. Phillip Work resigns on account of health


February 10, 1864

Broke winter camp and moved west towards Chesterfield.


Februray 12, 1864

Field succeeded Jenkins as division commander


February 15, 1864

Bivoucked near Chesterfield for 7 days.


February 22, 1864

Headed back east towards Bull's Gap


February 26, 1864

The regiment took up positions in winter quarters at Bull's Gap.


March 28, 1864

The regiment broke winter camp and moved south towards Greenville. Late March Brigade ordered back to Virginia, John Gregg Replaced Robertson, New Issue of uniforms and shoes.


March 29, 1864

Moved northeast towards Zollicoffer, Tennessee


April 1, 1864

Went into camp at Zollicoffer for 10 days.


April, 1864 - April, 1865

Assigned Texas Brigade, Field's Division, 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia


April 11, 1864

Moved to Bristol, Tennessee. Gen. Longstreet is ordered to rejoin Gen. Lee


April 15, 1864

The regiment boarded train to Lynchburg.


April 18, 1864

Bivoucked at Lynchburg


April 20, 1864

Boarded train to Charlottesville


April 23, 1864

The regiment left the train at Charlottesville headed towards Cobham Station and camped.


April 28, 1864

Review and inspection of the Division held by General Field.


April 29, 1864

Review of 1st Corps held by General Lee.


April 30, 1864

Moved towards Gordonsville and bivoucked north of town.


May 4, 1864

Moved east down the Catharpin Road towards the wilderness.


May 5 - 6, 1864

The Battle of the Wilderness. Lieut Col Harding Commanding?


May 7, 1864

The regiment buried their dead, and that night moved towards Spotsylvania Court House.


May 8 - 21, 1864

The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House


May 21 - 22, 1864

Moved towards the North Anna River


May 23 - 26, 1864

The Battle of North Anna

May 27, 1864

Moved south towards Ashland Station


May 29, 1864

The regiment entrenched in vicinity of Gaines' Mill and New Cold Harbor.


June 1 - 3, 1864

The Battle of Cold Harbor


June 13, 1864

Moved south and crossed the Chickahominy and bivoucked near the old Frayser's Farm battlefield.


June 16, 1864

Moved south and crossed the James River near Drewry's Bluff.


June 17, 1864

The regiment occupied the lines at Bermuda Hundred.


June 18 - July 28, 1864

The siege of Petersburg


July 28, 1864

Moved to Dunlap's Station


July 29, 1864

The regiment boarded the train to Richmond and went into lines on New Market Heights.


July 29, 1864 - April 3, 1865

The siege of Richmond


August 16, 1864

Skirmish at White Oak Swamp


September 28, 1864

Soiree held at Chaffin's Bluff camp


September 29, 1864

The Battle of Chaffin's Farm


October 7, 1864

The Battle of Darbytown Road. Attack against union repeating rifles. Attack fails and 1st is pushed back. During the fighting, General Gregg is killed. Col Bass assigned command of Texas Brigade. Attack against union repeating rifles. Attack fails and 1st is pushed back. Unit reduced to 600 men. Spent winter in Richmond trenches.


October 27, 1864

Skirmish at Williamsburg Road


October, 1864

The regiment went into winter camp 8 miles east of Richmond on the Charles City Road.

January 20, 1865

Skirmish at New Market Road


Februray 1865

Col. Bass returned to command 1st Texas


April 2, 1865

The regiment broke camp, moved to Richmond and boarded train to Petersburg Col Bass Commanding.


April 3, 1865

Evacuated Petersburg and moved west as rear guard to main army. Col Bass Commanding.


April 4, 1865

Bivouacked at Amelia Court House


April 5-6, 1865

Skirmish at Rice's Station


April 7, 1865

Skirmish at Farmville


April 8, 1865

Bivouacked 2 miles east of Appomattox Court House.


April 9, 1865

In their last operational march the regiment marched 1 mile towards Appomattox Court House. Col Bass Commanding. General Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia.


April 12, 1865

The troops surrendered their weapons and received their paroles.


April 14, 1865

Sergeant Thomas Macon Mullens of Co. E is last man in the regiment to surrender.

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