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Welcome to the 1st Texas War of Rights web page, please take a look around and enjoy your stay. We look forward to seeing you on the fields of glory. 

“To the Texans in the ranks the sound of battle was deafening:  the boom of artillery; the loud reports of dozens of nearby rifles and the steady popping of thousands more distant; the explosions of shells and the whine and hiss of lead balls and steel fragments.  Men whooped and yelled; others screamed to be heard by their comrades.  File closers and company commanders bellowed orders and encouragement until they were hoarse-or shot.  Dead and dangerously wounded Texans lay among the living and unhurt.  Walking wounded dribbled from the line.  Like a funeral pall, thick clouds of smoke drifted over the corn and at times obscured the sun.”

George E. Otott, author of article describing the Cornfield in his own words.

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